So this is my blog displaying my struggles with the Darkside, I love Star Wars, Marvel LOTR and just about anything else nerdy. But nonetheless this is a personal blog that is I am open to talk and I do give advice. I am as friendly as it gets so don't hesitate :)


Anonymous asked
5 people on Tumblr you would like to marry

Oh that’s sooo hard… :P Ummm well with only five choices I would say listed by URL. 

1. theselfemployedchemist

2. rippingwings0ff0fbutterflies 

3. dontfearthereaperx

4. sithsister

5. maddiesun/starwarsfuckyeah

I really thought putting numbers to this was a bad idea because it isn’t fair to ANY of them, they’re all wonderful women… But nonetheless those would be the five that, if I had to choose, would be the ones I would want to spend the rest of my life with hands down. But like I said there are soooo many awesome girls I have had the pleasure of talking to on hear that they all deserve somebody great. And there I go rambling :) 

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